Peter Hacket was a casualty of the budget cuts to the UK Secret Intelligence Services (SIS).

He now contracts out his specialist black services for what's termed the deniable retread side to any Intelligence Service.

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Peter Hacket was a casualty of the budget cuts to the UK Secret Intelligence Services (SIS).

Now considered a deniable retread resource, he  contracts out his specialist black services to any organisation or individual who can afford him.

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Syrian al-Qaeda wanted to increase their income stream from Borneo, Malaysia by totally absorbing the Che Chong criminal business in Kuching’s Golden Triangle.

When close to death Chong reaches out for help from who was, at one time his Secret Service handler, Charles Uncle Grimshaw.

The UK MI5/6 justified further investigation after it was discovered radicalised Muslin youths were travelling from the UK, via Malaysia to support al-Qaeda.

Hacket joined Rigger Reech in Kuching to soon discover that the Chong criminal operation was being controlled by his five daughters - legitimate an illegitimate.

It would not only be the daughters which would cause Hacket and Reech an issue to discover what al-Qaeda were up too, but also corrupt French Bankers, Indonesian armaments suppliers and the Malay Secret Services.

In the confusion, it was easy to miss how close one of Chong’s illegitimate daughter’s was to the business educated al-Qaeda Commander Ayman Khaifaal.

Their secret, once revealed, would alter the lives of many and for years.

The fall out was not what was predicted or wanted by the UK.


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  Reader Response:

“'s so believable !"
Freddie, MAM Hash House, USA.

"This is exactly how it is these years in Borneo."
Lol Marchi, KL.

"Post working there...I totally believe this."
G.H., UK.

“After terrorist events in the UK, those youths going to join al-Qaeda deserved everything they got.”
Andy, pro-democracy, UK